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Being careful with sleeping pills

Not being able to get to sleep and dealing with the symptoms and health issues which a lack of sleep can cause, can feel overwhelming. Fatigue, inability to concentrate and the sheer frustration of not being able to sleep can all have a serious impact on your everyday life, so turning to sleeping pills, just to get some rest, can seem like an easy option.


There are many medications available to help you get to sleep, such as zopiclone, but it’s always worth trying natural remedies before you go down the road of taking prescription medicines, as they come with many potential risks.


Zopiclone, like many other sleeping pills, is designed to help you get to sleep and to stop you waking up through the night, so it must never be used with alcohol as that could potentially prevent you waking up at all.


Generally speaking, most sleeping pills are safe as long as they are used properly, which is why it is vital to follow instructions from your doctor and make sure you read the patient information leaflet thoroughly before you take them. It’s important to be careful when taking sleeping pills.


Sleeping pills should only be used as a short-term solution for sleeping problems and shouldn’t be taken for more than a week. The problem is your body can become tolerant to them, meaning that you will need a higher dose to get the same effect as before. But if you take too high a dose there is a real risk of death because sleeping pills can impact on your breathing.


Other problems with taking sleeping pills is that sometimes the impact can carry over into the next day, leaving you still feeling sleepy and drowsy. If you are planning to drive to work, or you operate machinery, this can be incredibly dangerous. Make sure you always follow the guidelines and if it says not to drive or operate machinery while taking the tablets, then don’t do it.


Some sleeping pills have been known to cause side effects such as sleepwalking, or waking up with amnesia so you don’t know where you are. If you experience anything like this you need to inform your GP straight away.


Taking sleeping pills can mean your senses are a bit less keen than normal so with older people, there has been seen an increase in the risk of falling when they are using prescription sleeping tablets. It’s something to be aware of to try to reduce the risk of accidents and injury.


Sleeping pills can be addictive and it is best to manage a gradual reduction of the dosage rather than just suddenly stopping taking them. Talk to your doctor about the best way to manage this process so that you are able to cope with any side effects.


Some evidence has shown that once you stop taking sleeping pills, your original sleep problems can come back even worse, so it is really important to discuss phasing out the pills gradually with medical advice.


One of the key areas to be careful of with sleeping pills is not mixing them with other drugs or alcohol. Drinking alcohol while taking sleeping pills can have serious consequences, putting you into a deeper sleep than normal, and potentially preventing you from breathing, causing you to die in your sleep.


You also need to be careful when you take sleeping pills as they can act very quickly and some people have been known to take one and then carry on doing regular tasks or making decisions about their life, which will then be impaired by the drug. They should be taken at night, just before you are ready to go to bed.


As you can see, taking sleeping pills is not a decision which you should enter into lightly. With risk of drowsiness which could lead to accident or injury, and also the risk of too high a dose leading potentially to death, sleeping pills really need to be dealt with carefully.


If you have problems sleeping then look at other elements first, before opting for prescription pills, such as reducing your stress levels with things like meditation, changing your sleep environment to make sure it is dark and calm, not using electronic devices just before bed, and avoiding alcohol. All of these elements can have a big impact on your sleep and changes in them might just solve the problem without the need for a prescription.


Thinking of quitting smoking? Try a vape

Have you ever tried vaping? If not, it is an excellent way to eliminate the bad habit of smoking. There is no tar. Give a try today.

Are you one of the millions out there thinking to quit smoking? Well, it is indeed a tough job. After all, you have been smoking all these years and it has become an addiction now. Eliminating an addiction like smoking can be a challenging task, especially when you want to do it in a short span of time.

Get rid of the dangerous habit of smoking

Vaping is an excellent method to get rid of dangerous smoking habits. It acts as an alternative to smoking cigarattes. The best thing about e-smoking is that there is no presence of tar, which makes it a natural process. You are not inhaling tar or any other chemicals that are carcinogen in nature and hazardous for the human health.

Vaping is the new trend

Vaping has become the new trend among the people worldwide. There are several flavours available for e-liquids. Hence, you are actually enjoying vaping the way you like it without the negative side effects of cigarattes. Give a try once and find the experiences of vaping different flavours of e-liquids. Give Tank Puffin a visit and see the difference yourself. You will simply fall in love with the process of e-smoking.

What you need to know about vaping

BlogTips to Stay in Shape

Top 5 serious rugby injuries

Rugby is a fast paced and high impact game that involves tackling the opponent head on by using sheer force to move them out of the way and this is the reason why players suffer the most in this game. Here are top 5 serious rugby injuries


Concussion is a brain injury that can range from very mild to severe injuries when the brain is banged against the skull in the most common pose. These injuries are very serious and also sometimes lead to death of the player. The player should not return to play the game unless they are advised by the leader to do so.

Sprains and Strains

If you go to the City Chiropody center, then you would find a number of players who have been under treatment because of sprains and strains due to playing rugby. Sprains and strains are one of the most common but serious sport injuries. They feature at the top of rugby injuries. These treatments require physiotherapy  in order to rebuild strength and mobility.

Shoulder dislocation

Shoulder dislocation is also common during a tackle or a fall. It is also important to ensure that there are no associated injuries or muscular pain that can cause re-injury as well. Shoulder surgery may also be carried out at times.

Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries like inflammation of the bursa, which acts like a cushion in the shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle joint can also result in great pain this should be treated well so that the pain does not persist for long. You can visit a city Chiropody who can treat you for the same.

Slip Disc

Slip disc is one of the most important sports injuries that can be seen while playing rugby. They are the cause of some of the most dangerous accidents in the field. All city chiropody centers have well specialized trainers and doctors who can help treat the same.

These five kinds of sports injuries are some of the most serious injuries that may occur while playing rugby.



Whitening Your Teeth Properly

White teeth are everyone’s wish because they indicate to other people that you are a healthy individual and a person that takes good care of himself. But, the problem is that over time your teeth tend to get a bit darker or a bit yellow; this usually occurs if a person is a heavy smoker or if they stop brushing and flossing the teeth. Well, what to do when that happens? How to get back your teeth whiteness? Well, we are going to show you exactly that – how to properly whiten your teeth in a short time and for a small amount of money. Just follow these tips, and your teeth should be white, and you can start smiling with confidence once again.


First of all, you need to brush and floss your teeth every day. In fact, not just every day, but twice a day in order to have nice white teeth. And when it comes to flossing, you ought to do that after every meal. This needs to be done because there are food leftovers in our teeth, and they get stuck to our teeth after every meal. Later, they tend to rot which causes harm to our teeth. That is why we need to remove them, and flosses are great for that. Also, when buying toothpastes, make sure you purchase the one that has the word “whitening” on it.

It was proven that drinking water can help keep your teeth healthy. That is because the water that is in your mouth can wash away all those food leftovers and sugars that have gotten stuck to your teeth. It’s okay to have a mug of your favourite KImbo Coffee from time to time, however you should stick to drinking water. Just rinse your mouth with water every now and then, and your teeth should be nice and white.

Some fruits can whiten your teeth and people know that because apples were used for centuries for cleaning and whitening the teeth. Just eat an apple every now and then, but make sure that you bite into it all the way to the gums. And chew it as long as you can; in fact chew it until it is not crunchy any more. Also, it was proven that strawberries and pears can whiten your teeth, as well as some vegetables such as celery.

You can also help your teeth by chewing some sugar-free bubblegum. It will help you remove the food leftovers from your teeth, and will also help you with the teeth whitening.

And lastly, you should really start going to a dentist of a regular basis. One dentist I highly recommend is The Wellington Clinic. The dentist is going to give you advices that are going to do wonders for your teeth, but more importantly, the dentist is going to make sure that they remain healthy. That way, you’ll have white teeth for which you never have to worry again – you’ve got a person whose job is to worry and take great care of them. You just need to do the things from this list.

Additionally, after whitening your teeth, visit the barbers to have partial male waxing, you’ll be picture-perfect ready!


Five Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike

An electric bike is a bike that’s basically half way between a pushbike and a motorbike. It’s a pushbike with a motor attached and it has advantages over both bikes and motorbikes. It’s faster and easier to ride than a pushbike while also being more environmentally friendly than a motorbike. Here are five benefits of riding an electric bike.

They’re Excellent Therapy

These days more people than ever are dealing with stress and depression. Electric bikes can constitute to your mental health and wellbeing in two ways. The first is that building an electric bike and working on them is great therapy. Everyone feels better when they’re doing something and it really helps to know that you’ve built something using your own two hands. There’s no feeling quite like it. The other way that they help mentally is that they give you a lot of freedom. They give you the power to go outside, explore, and just get away from whatever it is that’s depressing you. People enjoy driving for this reason; it’s just so liberating. You can get the same benefits from an electric bike.

They Make You Feel Young

As you get older it becomes more difficult to ride a bike. If you’re in a care home or receiving in live in care London, then Electric bikes assist your riding and take a lot of the sting out of it. They can even take the sting away from getting old. Riding an electronic bike is like a mixture of riding your first bike and driving your first car. The ability to explore and go anywhere you want also leaves you feeling pretty good about everything and makes you feel young and vibrant again.

They’re Good for Physical Health

You might not believe it but riding an electric bike is actually better exercise than riding a regular bike, as long as you get more out of it, which you are likely to do. Riding an electronic bike is so fun that you’ll forget you’re exercising. It’s like playing a sport. With the right battery you can ride further than even an Olympic athlete could only dream of on a push bike and, despite what you think, there is some pedalling involved so it’s great exercise.

You can Join a Community

You can have a whole lot of fun at an electric bike meetup. The community as a whole is friendly, welcoming and passionate about bikes. Get together with the people around you for some drinks and a barbecue and a great bike ride. Get them to go along with you on your rides and it’ll make them breeze by even faster. There’s a whole social aspect to electronic bikes that can lead to lasting friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

It’s Good For the Environment

When we say bikes are good for the environment we mean more than just releasing less emissions into the atmosphere. The more people ride electric bikes the more mainstream and cool they become. The more people who feel comfortable riding electric bikes the less cars there are on the road. One person ditching their car can quickly lead to more people ditching theirs and it grows and grows.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the benefits of an electric mountain bike for yourself!


Is Hemp Protein Better Than Whey?

Crucial dietary protein can originate from a wide range of sources. Whey protein is an animal source obtained from milk, and hemp protein is a vegetable source gained from the Cannabis sativa plant.

Both give the greater part of the essential amino acids, however in differing sums, and both can be consumed to meet your dietary protein needs.

Powdered whey protein is accessible as an exceptionally focused type of protein, while hemp protein items contain protein in addition to good healthy fats and fibre.

Whey Protein

Whey protein comes from the process of cheese creation and ordinarily dried into a fuelled structure for supplementation. Numerous whey protein items are concentrated by sifting through the lactose and fiery remains, bringing about items that are frequently as high as 80 percent protein.

Whey is especially high in branch-chain amino acids. The amino corrosive profiles of whey protein and hemp protein vary, yet both contain all fundamental amino acids.

Hemp Protein

The protein in hemp is for the most part from edestin and albumin, two proteins that are effectively edible and rich in amino acids crucial for development. As per the journal “Euphytica,” Hemp contains 25 percent protein and incorporates the majority of the key amino acids, with particularly high amounts of arginine.

Hemp has a comparative amino profile to egg white protein and is accordingly viewed as an amazing protein.

Which Is Better

On paper and not understanding the interior workings of the human body, one would unmistakably hop in line for whey protein. Pause for a moment and learn a little about how your body utilises protein and what you are really ingesting and you will quickly realise where the genuine advantages of hemp protein lay.

Once consumed, your body starts to promptly handle hemp. Any animal based product is often harder for your body to ingest as well as to process appropriately. One of the reasons hemp is so popular is because the human body can use more of the protein in hemp than most other proteins.

Furthermore, hemp protein and hemp seeds are seldom known for hypersensitivity issues – in truth, they are a standout amongst the most allergen free seeds/nut nourishment items out there.

And if you can get yourself a sugar free option like Focus Performance Hemp Pro then you’ve got yourself a real healthy, nutritional powerhouse.

Finally, hemp harvests are a supportable, renewable and an ecological friendly practice. By examination, dairy cultivating is not always so. As the case often is in life, a little research goes far.

The advantages of hemp protein greatly outweigh that of whey protein, and not just because of the natural ingredients found in hemp protein but not commonly found in whey protein.


Top 5 Tennis Ball Baskets

Are you looking for the best tennis ball storage solutions? Then you have come to the right place. This article narrows down your options so that you can save both time and effort in getting the best product for you. Here is a comprehensive list of products that you have to check out so that you can guarantee the efficiency and quality of your product solution.

  1. Artengo Tennis Ball Basket for Coaches

This is very suitable for trainings and game practices. This basket could hold with them 60 balls. When it comes to stability, it has great performance because the mechanism is stable enough for it to stand on a given weight. This Artengo product boasts for its durability and longevity. It is made up of 100% steel. In addition to this, this product performs well like a pro. The best training aid you can rely on from court to court is this product.

  1. 72 Tennis Ball Hopper & Basket

If the tennis balls do not have the proper storage during practices and proper game events, then eventually, you will lose them and it would be a hassle to keep them. To end this problem, this 72 Tennis Ball Hopper & Basket is made available in the market. With this product you can securely store your tennis balls effectively. This is designed for home users and coaches alike. The good thing about this is, the basket have sturdy folding handles and lockable no spill lids. In addition to that, it does not take up space when you decide not to use it. The whole equipment could be folded, flat pack for storage.

  1. Tretorn Tennis Ball Basket (80 balls)

This product provides a sure way of giving their customers a functional and operational equipment to keep the tennis balls secured and properly stored in one basket. This item can store up to 80 balls. Definitely ideal for coaching, practice and further trainings. Tretorn is committed in making this product durable. The materials are made from preium recyclable polypropelene materials which allow no rust to form. This basket is also cost-efficient and functional. It has several features such as having movable handles, rolling bar designs, sturdy locks and easy assembly and dismantle parts for hassle-free operation. So, if you want to have an equipment for easy collection of tennis balls in the basket, then Treton is the product you need.

  1. Dunlop 70 Tennis Ball Basket

Dunlop never fails to dedicate themselves in giving utmost satisfaction to their clients. Their tennis ball basket is a good option to your storage needs. They can stack up to 70 tennis balls. The legs are very sturdy and could stand in place in different kinds of surfaces. The basket is made from certified premium solid, stable and durable materials for it to last over the years of usage. The basket has a great lid for safekeeping. Dunlop 70 Tennis Ball Basket is also practical in carrying it around with you. The baske is collapsible and easy to transport.

  1. The Gamma 75 Tennis Ball Basket

It is the perfect and affordable training aid and easy carry assistant for tennis players. This product allows you to quickly and conveniently transfer up to 75 tennis balls from one place to the other with the convenient fold carry design. Add convenience in each of your games with this!


Different Sports For Different Age Groups

Sport and music lessons in london by Teach Tutti should be an important part of everyone’s life no matter what their age group. Keeping healthy should be a priority and we should live our life in a way that keeps our body and mind healthy. Though there are so many different sports to participate in not everyone’s body type and age is correct for each and every one of them. Here is a guide to what sports you should be participating in depending on how old you are.

0-4 Years Old

At this age just getting to know your body can be a sport. You’re exploring your new world and discovering new things, which for this age group can be exhausting. At this point it is safe to say that you won’t be joining any team sports any time soon.12-month-baby-Develop-Skills-1

4-6 Years Old

At this age you’ve got all your exploring out of the way and you really just want to have fun. That’s where playground games and thermoplastic playground markings come in. The playground is the best place to keep energetic and stay healthy at the same time not to mention it encourages the use of your imagination. main-qimg-f57294c0c077fc23b7792bf61fdf20da

6-10 Years Old

This is when team sports come into their element. At the ages 6-10 children have developed a set of manners and are more aware of their bodies therefore joining a team sport will allow them to develop their skills even further.Community Awards Coaching Assessment Weekend

10-15 Years Old

Competitiveness is introduced at this point when it comes to sports. With a healthy dose of exercise and competitiveness a teenager can develop will power strength all whilst maintaining a healthy body.rebeccavassar_western

15-20 Years Olds

At this point sport becomes more of a profession than a hobby but it still does not mean that you can’t enjoy yourself. Competitive sport often leaves people with a body in peak physical condition. Alternatively some at this age just enjoy to be physically active and will exercise whenever they can.athletics-competition


Personalised T-shirts Are Perfect For Sport

The fitness craze has erupted like a storm. Everyone is exercising and trying to get the perfect figure. So it’s no doubt that fitness clothing has gone through the roof. The truth is though fitness clothing is a real motivator; no one wants to exercise if they feel uncomfortable. When it comes to team sports clothing is important to, firstly team shirts create a unity. Matching t-shirts really does say team. Plus the fact that the clothing belongs to you makes you feel so much more better at exercising.

Let’s not forget the rush you get when you’re pushing yourself to the limit. You feel like you can accomplish anything. Your sports clothes may be dripping in sweat but you know that you will feel so much better for it.


Competing is a whole different story when it comes to sports clothes. In fact wearing matching sports uniforms drives you so much more to win. It’s like you feel like you need to earn the uniform that is on your back.

So if you want to get yourself into shape get the clothes to match and visit Printsome’s T-Shirt Printing UK.


Cycling Road Safety Tips To Keep You From Injuries

People are into cycling for a lot of reasons, competitive sport, health, hobby, and also for cheap and convenient type of transportation. Although all of these reasons have a lot of benefits, sometimes cycling itself can be a problem. It could lead to accidents and physical injuries, especially if you don’t know how to ride properly on the road. Compared to cars or buses and other vehicles, bicycles are on the smaller size which is why cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users. So in order to keep yourself safe from both accident and injury, here are some road safety tips that you must follow.

  • Never hit a red light.
  • Always be on the right side of the road, and whatever you do, no not counter flow.
  • The road is not a playground; don’t risk hurting yourself or others for the sake of showing off stunts that you’ve learned.
  • Keep both of your hands on the handlebar. Other things that would require you to divide your attention on the road of keep your hands off the handlebar would have to wait until you’re off the bike.
  • Be vigilant. Even if you’re following proper road safety rules, others may not be, therefore you still have to be watchful with your surroundings.
  • Whether you’re stopping or making a turn, use hand signals to flag your intentions to other vehicles on the road.
  • Before crossing the road, especially when crossing conjunctions, look right, left and then right again. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Although cyclists are allowed to ride two abreast, if there’s a heavy traffic, it would be best to ride in single file.
  • However, if you’re in multi-lane roads, do not ride two abreast.
  • Use your bell to alert people if you’re riding in a shared path where people are walking around.
  • If there’s a bike line, use it. Let it serve its purpose and keep you safe in a more predictable lane at the same time.

These are few rules for you to follow. There could be more depending on your location, so if you’re thinking about picking up a road bike and cycling around the town, make sure you know the road safety rules by heart. This way you’re less likely to meet an accident and suffer from unfortunate cycling injuries. Whilst following these instructions could prevent an injury it is also important to stay covered with a cycling lawyer from





The History of the Sport – Tennis

Tennis is an old sports activity that has been around for some time now. It is believed that the sports started with the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. The word tennis comes from the term tenez, which means hold or take.

The game rose to fame when it was adapted by the states in Europe, aside from France. It has been popular throughout the region that even the most influential rulers like King Louis IV in England tried to diminish the game but was never successful in this. However, after some time, a lot of rulers were also in favor with the said game. Henry VII and Henry VII became fans of tennis which started the construction of tennis courts around the England area.

 The tennis court surfaces evolved from wooden, to a concrete tennis court. The equipment for the game has also undergone dramatic changes in terms of the materials used. Over time, it was found out the leather balls are perfect for the game. However through the famous idea of Charles Goodyear, he was able to produce a ball made out of rubber which makes it bouncier than the previous version, which makes it possible for the game to played outdoors especially in the grass courts. Over time, rules were proposed and modified by different countries, which were very much involved with the game.

 There were four Grand Slam tournaments that were formed over the year. These are the Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and the Australian Open.

 Wimbledon– In 1877, All England Club was able to found the Wimbledon tournament which was the basis for the standardization of the different rules that are used in playing tennis. The tournaments started in a grass tennis court surface.

US Open– After the popularity of playing tennis has spread in England, it was quickly adapted by the American in 1881. Through that tournament, an organization was formed that is the one authorize to standardize the rules and set the order of the competition. This organization is known today as the United States Tennis Association.

French Open– The influence of tennis has also reached the quarters of France in 1891. This would open the opportunity of opening the French Open Tournament but was only formally recognized in 1925. The tennis court surface used is clay.

Australian Open– In 1905, the Australian Open was first played to the public. Later it was called the Australian Championships and was able to host a number of tournaments only in 1988.

 These organizations were the avenue for the professional tennis players like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to be known in the field. There were also a lot of important milestones in the history of tennis. The introduction of tennis leads to the formation of the Open Era in 1968 which can allow the professional tennis players to play with amateurs.

 For now, tennis is one of the most popular sports that are known and accepted worldwide and is constantly evolving, this gives you no excuse if you are currently looking after your own tennis court, you should make sure that the maintenance on the court is kept to a high standard. Check out these guys for more information on tennis services.


How To Choose The Perfect Diving Instructor For Your Fitness

Diving is an extreme recreational activity and has a lot of risks. It is a serious business that all those who are planning to go scuba diving need a certification and a license to even start diving. There are many diving agencies which allow amateurs to train for diving and get certified. Since you are paying to train for diving, it is important to have a great diving instructor to teach you the know how in diving. diver-instructorHere are some tips on how to choose a diving instructor.

  • Business credentials – For a scuba diving business or agency, aside from a business permit, the agency must also be affiliated with diving associations with instructors having the highest certification level. There are certification levels for specific depths and competency. High level certified instructors will provide quality training and lower level certifications.
  • Experience – Instructors should also be experienced. Instructors with hundreds of diving experience can provide you tips on how to deal with unexpected situations. After all, the risk in scuba diving is when the unexpected occurs during a diving expedition.
  • Approach – Each instructor has a unique approach. It is better to ask how they will provide the training and see if it fits your preference. You can also inquire how the agency or instructors set themselves apart from the other diving agencies.
  • Recommendation – There are a lot of diving enthusiasts, you can ask your friends or acquaintances regarding their opinion on the best diving agencies or he best instructors. They usually based their opinion on their diving experience so they have some credibility on them.
  • Interview – Interview is always one of the basis to measure the instructor. You can ask them several questions such as their experience both in diving and teaching people how to dive. Ask them for the worst student and how they handle them. Ask them about their unusual diving experience. The number of students they certified and the average hours it took for them to get certified. Ask if they teach skin diving skills. The number of students in your class and the number of instructors per diving class. The diving sites he often enjoy diving into. These are just the questions you can ask to get to know more about the agency and the instructor.
  • Evaluate the interview – Check the tolerance level and the patience of the instructor. If the instructor answered all your questions without rushing then chances are, the instructor will also be patient during the diving class. If you can trust the instructor with your family then you can trust the instructor with your own life. It is probably the most important criteria since the risk are higher in scuba diving compared to most recreational activities.

No matter which instructor or diving agency you choose, make sure to secure your own diving equipment and get insured at before going into an actual dive. This will help you in the long run.


Bubble Football – A Fun Way to Lose Weight

Some call it bubble football, others call it bubble soccer and for the Germans, they give it the accurate name of loopyball. No matter what term you use though, there’s no question that it’s fun and can be an excellent way to give yourself some much needed exercise!

What Is It?

Have you ever seen one of those inflatable balls where you can put people inside and just let them roll around for the thrill of it? Well, bubble football makes good use of this bubble plastic, encasing individuals inside up to their waist.

With the feet spared from the bubble, players can use them to play the game of soccer. As you can imagine, this means that players will bounce against each other as they do their best to kick and block the ball. What results is hilarious chaos with players bumping into each other more often than actually managing to kick the ball towards a goal.

Bubble Football for Fitness

Bubble soccer is perhaps one of the best ways to exercise with a group of people. The fact is that the game is so fun you’ll hardly notice that you’re exercising. The ball itself comes with air holes but thanks to the encasement, you’ll basically be sweating buckets by the time the game is over. It’s like combining a sauna with a vigorous game that keeps you laughing.

The plastic is durable and thick enough that you won’t feel any hit. If you fall down, the ball bounces right back up so nothing gets damaged. The best part is that you’ll be laughing so hard the whole time – exercising your stomach muscles even as your heart starts beating loudly and all the calories burn off.

The hilarity of the game also leads to reduced stress. With exercise thrown in, you’ll find that bubble soccer can help lift your mood – making it the perfect cap to the worst working week.

All in all, it’s an excellent way to stay fit or to lose weight if you’re trying to shed a few pounds. If you and your friends are trying to reach a target weight, this might be your best choice.

Play Bubble Football

The problem with this system is that it’s pretty hard to find the necessary equipment to make bubble soccer a reality. You’ll have to purchase the balls and the number of balls depends on the number of people on your team. The good news is that you should be able to find facilities that rent out these balls, along with the field


New Year, New You?

Yes, we’ve heard it all before – new Gym goers in January.

Infact, this time of year new Gym memberships go up 30%!

If you’re an avid Gym goer already but just looking to change things this year, read on.

Get the look

Trust me when I say this, get a peronsalised garment, Hoodie, T-shirt etc. for the Gym this year, if you feel good you’re half way there. Logos 4 Polos look to have a great range too and are UK based which is a bonus!

Change your routine

Changing your routine just slightly can do wonders for muscle growth and fitness, looking for something different, why not mix up your routine by trying different classes, if you’re really up for a challange try a spin class, try it today.

Get a gym buddy

Got a friend with the same intetnions as you, get them to join the gym with you, not only will it motivate you to stick at it, but training with a partner will also improve your overal performance at the gym.

Follow inspirational accounts

There are some great fitness insperational accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, not only do they supply some great tips, but seeing their posts always make me want to go to the gym and keep at it.

No excuses

It may be too easy to make an excuse to not work out, but even if you can’t get to the gym theres always something you can do to improve your fitrness.

Invest in home equipment

Investing in the best elliptical machines for home use can be a great way to save on Gym membership and workout from home!

Do I Work Out Today

Did you know: Over a third (37%)of those that signed up for a gym membership will quit by the end of Jan, don’t become one of them!