People are into cycling for a lot of reasons, competitive sport, health, hobby, and also for cheap and convenient type of transportation. Although all of these reasons have a lot of benefits, sometimes cycling itself can be a problem. It could lead to accidents and physical injuries, especially if you don’t know how to ride properly on the road. Compared to cars or buses and other vehicles, bicycles are on the smaller size which is why cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users. So in order to keep yourself safe from both accident and injury, here are some road safety tips that you must follow.

  • Never hit a red light.
  • Always be on the right side of the road, and whatever you do, no not counter flow.
  • The road is not a playground; don’t risk hurting yourself or others for the sake of showing off stunts that you’ve learned.
  • Keep both of your hands on the handlebar. Other things that would require you to divide your attention on the road of keep your hands off the handlebar would have to wait until you’re off the bike.
  • Be vigilant. Even if you’re following proper road safety rules, others may not be, therefore you still have to be watchful with your surroundings.
  • Whether you’re stopping or making a turn, use hand signals to flag your intentions to other vehicles on the road.
  • Before crossing the road, especially when crossing conjunctions, look right, left and then right again. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Although cyclists are allowed to ride two abreast, if there’s a heavy traffic, it would be best to ride in single file.
  • However, if you’re in multi-lane roads, do not ride two abreast.
  • Use your bell to alert people if you’re riding in a shared path where people are walking around.
  • If there’s a bike line, use it. Let it serve its purpose and keep you safe in a more predictable lane at the same time.

These are few rules for you to follow. There could be more depending on your location, so if you’re thinking about picking up a road bike and cycling around the town, make sure you know the road safety rules by heart. This way you’re less likely to meet an accident and suffer from unfortunate cycling injuries. Whilst following these instructions could prevent an injury it is also important to stay covered with a cycling lawyer from