Sport and music lessons in london by Teach Tutti should be an important part of everyone’s life no matter what their age group. Keeping healthy should be a priority and we should live our life in a way that keeps our body and mind healthy. Though there are so many different sports to participate in not everyone’s body type and age is correct for each and every one of them. Here is a guide to what sports you should be participating in depending on how old you are.

0-4 Years Old

At this age just getting to know your body can be a sport. You’re exploring your new world and discovering new things, which for this age group can be exhausting. At this point it is safe to say that you won’t be joining any team sports any time soon.12-month-baby-Develop-Skills-1

4-6 Years Old

At this age you’ve got all your exploring out of the way and you really just want to have fun. That’s where playground games and thermoplastic playground markings come in. The playground is the best place to keep energetic and stay healthy at the same time not to mention it encourages the use of your imagination. main-qimg-f57294c0c077fc23b7792bf61fdf20da

6-10 Years Old

This is when team sports come into their element. At the ages 6-10 children have developed a set of manners and are more aware of their bodies therefore joining a team sport will allow them to develop their skills even further.Community Awards Coaching Assessment Weekend

10-15 Years Old

Competitiveness is introduced at this point when it comes to sports. With a healthy dose of exercise and competitiveness a teenager can develop will power strength all whilst maintaining a healthy body.rebeccavassar_western

15-20 Years Olds

At this point sport becomes more of a profession than a hobby but it still does not mean that you can’t enjoy yourself. Competitive sport often leaves people with a body in peak physical condition. Alternatively some at this age just enjoy to be physically active and will exercise whenever they can.athletics-competition