Diving is an extreme recreational activity and has a lot of risks. It is a serious business that all those who are planning to go scuba diving need a certification and a license to even start diving. There are many diving agencies which allow amateurs to train for diving and get certified. Since you are paying to train for diving, it is important to have a great diving instructor to teach you the know how in diving. diver-instructorHere are some tips on how to choose a diving instructor.

  • Business credentials – For a scuba diving business or agency, aside from a business permit, the agency must also be affiliated with diving associations with instructors having the highest certification level. There are certification levels for specific depths and competency. High level certified instructors will provide quality training and lower level certifications.
  • Experience – Instructors should also be experienced. Instructors with hundreds of diving experience can provide you tips on how to deal with unexpected situations. After all, the risk in scuba diving is when the unexpected occurs during a diving expedition.
  • Approach – Each instructor has a unique approach. It is better to ask how they will provide the training and see if it fits your preference. You can also inquire how the agency or instructors set themselves apart from the other diving agencies.
  • Recommendation – There are a lot of diving enthusiasts, you can ask your friends or acquaintances regarding their opinion on the best diving agencies or he best instructors. They usually based their opinion on their diving experience so they have some credibility on them.
  • Interview – Interview is always one of the basis to measure the instructor. You can ask them several questions such as their experience both in diving and teaching people how to dive. Ask them for the worst student and how they handle them. Ask them about their unusual diving experience. The number of students they certified and the average hours it took for them to get certified. Ask if they teach skin diving skills. The number of students in your class and the number of instructors per diving class. The diving sites he often enjoy diving into. These are just the questions you can ask to get to know more about the agency and the instructor.
  • Evaluate the interview – Check the tolerance level and the patience of the instructor. If the instructor answered all your questions without rushing then chances are, the instructor will also be patient during the diving class. If you can trust the instructor with your family then you can trust the instructor with your own life. It is probably the most important criteria since the risk are higher in scuba diving compared to most recreational activities.

No matter which instructor or diving agency you choose, make sure to secure your own diving equipment and get insured at www.divemasterinsurance.com/travel-idec-diving-accident-cover/ before going into an actual dive. This will help you in the long run.