abs workouts

How your abs look depends largely on your abdominal health. One of the most common reason for a tummy bloat is not having proper digestion. In today’s busy life people are in so much hurry that they mostly prefer grab and go type meals. Such meals provide almost no dietary support, instead these are high in calories and low in fibre and nutrition. Friends, don’t underestimate your diet, a balanced diet is extremely necessary for your body. Eat lots of fibre that comes from fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Never prefer packaged and processed food, unless it is very necessary.

Eat lots of apple, plums, dark green vegetables, pears, which are a good source of fibre. Avoid white and bleached flour, baked food items and instead go for whole grains; wheat, oats and barley are a great source of whole grains. Where a good amount of fibre helps your body cleanse and maintain a healthy digestive track, on the other hand whole grains balance the metabolism and digestion. Another enemy of your abs is water retention. Lessen your sodium intake because your body suffers from bloating when it has to process the extra sodium. Drink lots of water and quit drinking soda. Also don’t forget to workout your abdominal muscles, a diet alone won’t help in reducing it.

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