simple and effective exercises

When you want to become slim and trim in a short time, you will have to make many sacrifices, from food to your daily activity and many other things. Firstly start with warm up, doing this helps your body to loosen up. By doing warm up exercises, our muscles stretch up for any rigorous exercise, it is essential whenever you start your exercise schedule. After you have completed your warm up session, start with some easy exercises before you can do really hard. Start with sit ups, it would help miraculously in toning up your abdominal muscles.

To add more effect to your exercise, carry two dumbbells in your hand while doing sit-ups, it will help tone up your arm muscles too. Simultaneously, two important places for fat accumulation will be worked out. When done with the sit ups move on to other exercises, like squats. For achieving a perfectly trimmed calf muscle, squats is a perfect solution for your body. Similarly, while you squat, carry dumbbells in your hands. Now when you are done, move on to exercising machines like treadmill, cycling, elliptical trainers, etc. Don’t forget unless and until you stick to the exercising routine, any workout won’t bring any effect on your body; follow whatever you decide to do in order to get a perfect shape.