Tennis is an old sports activity that has been around for some time now. It is believed that the sports started with the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. The word tennis comes from the term tenez, which means hold or take.

The game rose to fame when it was adapted by the states in Europe, aside from France. It has been popular throughout the region that even the most influential rulers like King Louis IV in England tried to diminish the game but was never successful in this. However, after some time, a lot of rulers were also in favor with the said game. Henry VII and Henry VII became fans of tennis which started the construction of tennis courts around the England area.

 The tennis court surfaces evolved from wooden, to a concrete tennis court. The equipment for the game has also undergone dramatic changes in terms of the materials used. Over time, it was found out the leather balls are perfect for the game. However through the famous idea of Charles Goodyear, he was able to produce a ball made out of rubber which makes it bouncier than the previous version, which makes it possible for the game to played outdoors especially in the grass courts. Over time, rules were proposed and modified by different countries, which were very much involved with the game.

 There were four Grand Slam tournaments that were formed over the year. These are the Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and the Australian Open.

 Wimbledon– In 1877, All England Club was able to found the Wimbledon tournament which was the basis for the standardization of the different rules that are used in playing tennis. The tournaments started in a grass tennis court surface.

US Open– After the popularity of playing tennis has spread in England, it was quickly adapted by the American in 1881. Through that tournament, an organization was formed that is the one authorize to standardize the rules and set the order of the competition. This organization is known today as the United States Tennis Association.

French Open– The influence of tennis has also reached the quarters of France in 1891. This would open the opportunity of opening the French Open Tournament but was only formally recognized in 1925. The tennis court surface used is clay.

Australian Open– In 1905, the Australian Open was first played to the public. Later it was called the Australian Championships and was able to host a number of tournaments only in 1988.

 These organizations were the avenue for the professional tennis players like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to be known in the field. There were also a lot of important milestones in the history of tennis. The introduction of tennis leads to the formation of the Open Era in 1968 which can allow the professional tennis players to play with amateurs.

 For now, tennis is one of the most popular sports that are known and accepted worldwide and is constantly evolving, this gives you no excuse if you are currently looking after your own tennis court, you should make sure that the maintenance on the court is kept to a high standard. Check out these guys for more information on tennis services.